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How to Prepare for a Mammogram

Regular mammograms play a crucial role in detecting breast cancer early on. Yet, the thought of going to one can be frightening for many patients. Our post will give you some practical tips to make this process go as smoothly as possible.

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Supporting Lymphoma Research Through Hackensack Meridian Health

Lymphoma is a complex group of blood cancers that are challenging to diagnose and treat with current treatments. Hackensack Meridian Health knows this and has become a leader in lymphoma research. It’s committed to creating better therapies and inspiring hope for patients worldwide.

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Embracing Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatments

As precision medicine becomes more common, more patients will have the strength to win their fight against cancer. Learn more about how this type of therapy is transforming lives each day.

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The Ripple Effect Of Giving

Donating to your favorite charity or a cause you care about gives you the power to make a difference. You’re investing in hope, healing, and a brighter future for your community and beyond. In this blog post, we’ll explore the extensive impact of your donations and highlight how your contribution helps us fight our battle against cancer.

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What Is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?

In our ongoing fight against cancer, understanding Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is crucial to our mission. Learn more about this type of cancer and how to help us develop better treatments for those with it. Continue Reading


Shedding Light On Different Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can emerge in many forms, and understanding the differences between each type is crucial to receive proper treatment and support. If you or someone you know may be suffering from breast cancer, this post will provide you with an overview of the different types.  Continue Reading


Supporting Cancer Research Through Hackensack Meridian Health

In the relentless fight against cancer, Hackensack Meridian Health is at the forefront of medical innovation and research. Through their hard work, they’re developing groundbreaking treatments that promise to give patients much-needed hope.

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Holistic Approaches to Cancer Care

While undergoing cancer treatment, the journey toward healing goes beyond chemotherapy and other medical interventions. Holistic therapies have become more prevalent in recent years, offering patients complementary methods to cope with the disease. This post explores the effectiveness of holistic approaches and highlights various practices a patient can use to stay healthy. Continue Reading


Efforts Supported By The Eileen Fund

At The Eileen Fund, we’re committed to supporting medical research, particularly in the fight against cancer. With our contributions, we hope to pioneer new treatment approaches that could revolutionize how we understand and combat this disease. Continue Reading


Patient Advocacy In Cancer Research

Patient advocacy is just as crucial as scientific research in the battle against cancer. Advocates offer a voice for those battling cancer, ensuring that their needs and experiences are the biggest priority in medical research and policy changes. Continue Reading