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Advancing Precision Medicine with The John Theurer Cancer Center

Millions of people continue to die from cancer each year. For this reason, many organizations continue to work on creating innovative solutions that can save more lives. Precision medicine emerges as a beacon of hope in this battle, offering personalized treatments based on an individual’s genetic makeup. At The John Theurer Cancer Center, we’re consistently supporting advancements like these that will revolutionize the future of cancer care.

What Is Precision Medicine? 

Precision medicine, or personalized medicine, has been creating massive leaps forward in healthcare. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all treatment, precision medicine will use interventions based on an individual patient’s needs. Aside from trying to cure the disease, doctors using precision therapy also factor in the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors contributing to the person’s health.

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How Is Precision Medicine Beneficial? 

Precision medicine has a wide range of benefits for those who suffer from cancer, such as: 

  • Accurate Diagnoses: Precision medicine lets doctors diagnose an illness more accurately, ensuring that treatment plans and chemotherapies are more precise and effective.
  • Reduced Side Effects: Since these treatment plans mainly focus on the affected area, they reduce a patient’s risk of adverse side effects. 
  • Informed Decision-Making: Due to a better understanding of the genetic factors that caused a patient’s cancer, they can make more informed decisions about treatment options.
  • Advancements In Research: Precision medicine contributes to ongoing research and clinical trials, paving the way toward better treatments. Each breakthrough we have brings us closer to more effective therapies.
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Advancing Precision Medicine With John Theurer Cancer Center

For decades, The John Theurer Cancer Center has become one of the most well-known programs in New Jersey for advancing precision medicine. Here’s how we’ve been making strides: 

Understanding the Genetic Blueprint

Our program is at the vanguard of understanding the intricacies of cancer genetics. We use extensive research to investigate a tumor’s genetic makeup and discover specific mutations that drive cancer growth. These discoveries help us create targeted therapies and reduce damage to healthy cells.

Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnostics

Traditional diagnostic methods offer a broad overview, but precision medicine has refined this process. The center uses cutting-edge technology to analyze the molecular profile of a patient’s tumor and reveal specific vulnerabilities. By doing this, we can create more effective treatments.

Tailoring Treatment Plans

The best part of precision medicine is that we can tailor treatment plans based on a patient’s genetic profile. The John Theurer Cancer Center develops customized treatment options such as targeted therapies and immunotherapies. This approach enhances treatment efficacy and creates a higher quality of life for patients.

Clinical Trials and Innovation

We actively engage in clinical trials and dedicate ourselves to developing precision medicine further. By testing novel therapies and interventions, we have more resources available for doctors to create better treatments and improve patients’ quality of life. 

Help Us Defeat Cancer Once And For All 

We’ve come a long way in the battle against cancer. However, it’s far from over. The John Theurer Cancer Center invites you to join in the fight. Your support can fuel ongoing research, help fund our clinical trials, and give hope to countless individuals facing this formidable challenge. Help us eradicate cancer and make a donation today!

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