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The Future of Cancer Treatment

At The Eileen Fund, we’re committed to winning the battle against cancer by discovering more effective treatment methods. This post will explore the future of cancer research and the possibilities it holds for patients worldwide.

What Is The Future Of Cancer Research? 

Precision medicine shows a promising future for cancer research. Researchers can use this groundbreaking approach as a tool to understand the main reason why cancer grows. Our organization is dedicated to investigating why uncontrolled cell growth can be harmful to create more effective treatments. 

Cells follow specific metabolic pathways to keep our body functioning normally, including protective mechanisms to eliminate precancerous cells. However, these safeguards fail, leading to the evolution of cancer cells. 

This is where precision medicine steps in. In the last 20 years, scientists have uncovered the human genome’s secrets, enabling scientists to create a genetic mutation database that drives uncontrollable cell growth. Identifying these “driver” DNA changes has paved the way to research medications specifically targeting and neutralizing them.

If we continue our research, we expect more innovative therapies, long-term survival rates, remissions, and, hopefully, a cure. 

running tests under a microscope

Help Us Advance Our Research To Defeat Cancer

The Eileen Fund is working tirelessly to delve deeper into the root of what causes cancer in patients. Through our partnerships with esteemed institutions, therapies like immunotherapy and cellular therapies will become a reality for millions of patients in the near future. If you want to help us conquer cancer, contribute to The Eileen Fund or contact us to learn more about our organization.

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