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Sharing Eileen’s Story

Eileen’s story inspires courage, compassion, and hope for many. She lived a life that represented resilience in facing life’s most challenging battles while staying positive. Learn more about how her story inspired our organization to win the fight against cancer. 

Who Was Eileen? 

Eileen was the ever-popular “It Girl” among her schoolmates but was far from self-centered. Known fondly as “Helen” for resembling the mythical Helen of Troy, she was a beacon of compassion, always looking out for the underdog. Her laughter, vibrant personality, and bright mind touched the hearts of many. 

But at seventeen, Eileen’s life took a dramatic turn. While being treated for asthma, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her diagnosis marked the beginning of her challenging journey, filled with the uncertainty of facing a severe illness. However, Eileen’s resilience shone through. With the help of her loving family, she met her treatments with strength and determination.

Triumph and Transformation

Eileen’s battle against cancer was tough, but within seven months, she won her battle against lymphoma. However, the life lessons she experienced transformed her perspective on life. In a touching letter to her father, Eileen expressed her newfound understanding of what truly matters – the moments of laughter, love, and shared victories over life’s challenges.

Eileen in white dress

Eileen’s Enduring Legacy: The Eileen Fund

Eileen’s journey inspired her to do more in the fight against childhood cancer. With her father, David, and second mother, Alice, they joined forces with the Tomorrows Children’s Fund (TCF) and  worked tirelessly to improve care for children with cancer. Their efforts led to establishing the David and Alice Jurist Research Center for Tomorrow Children at the Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC).

Even though Eileen lost her third battle with cancer, her family later started The Eileen Fund as a way to honor her legacy and continue her advocacy to this day. This organization supports research into precision therapies to cure cancer effectively and prevent it from reappearing. 

Why Is Eileen’s Story Important?

Eileen’s journey shows how a personal experience can fuel changes in medical research and patient care. It also humanizes the battle against cancer and inspires those facing similar situations. Countless patients undergo treatments yearly, not knowing what the future will have in store. However, with compassion, resilience, and tireless advocacy, there will hopefully be one day when those going through the same situation as Eileen will live in a world where cancer is no longer a threat. 

Help Us Win The Fight Against Cancer 

Eileen’s story is a call to action. The Eileen Fund continues her legacy, supporting vital cancer research and bringing hope to many patients in a similar situation. Your support can make a world of difference to those facing cancer and help us win this fight once and for all. If you’d like to learn more about our organization or want to make a donation, contact us today. Together, we can continue Eileen’s legacy and make a difference. 

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