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The Eileen Fund: Our Mission and Vision

For many patients, undergoing cancer treatment is a journey that demands a lot from them. They need resilience, patience, and bravery to get through this process. It was one of these life-changing journeys that led to the creation of the Eileen Fund. 

Why Was The Eileen Fund Established? 

Eileen was a pillar of strength for those around her. Having faced and won her battle against Hodgkin’s lymphoma at only 17, she had the spirit of a fighter. However, the treatment that pushed back her initial cancer unexpectedly paved the way for a new, more aggressive form, which sadly took her life. Though she may have lost her personal battle with the disease, her spirit continues to live on with those who knew and loved her. Thus, The Eileen Fund was established as a beacon of hope for thousands of patients who are battling cancer each day. 

Our Mission 

Our organization’s vision is clear: to find the root causes of cancer and use precision therapies that can cure it effectively the first time. As Eileen did, many patients have had to undergo multiple rounds of treatment due to their illness returning. This new type of personalized therapy directly targets the affected area the first time and helps defeat a patient’s cancer once and for all. We hope that one day, treatment will be so advanced that the tough challenges Eileen faced won’t happen to anyone else. 

Help Us Win The Battle Against Cancer 

Our journey is inspired by Eileen’s bravery, but we can’t do this alone. Your commitment and support will keep our research moving forward. Donate to The Eileen Fund and give thousands of patients a chance to live a cancer-free life today!  

Eileen against sunset
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